Faux Painting in San Francisco

HC Fine Finishes is San Francisco’s top choice for faux painting services. We provide a complete range of finishes to give you the high-style interior you’ve always wanted. With our skill and artistry, we can recreate any number of textures and finishes, including natural stone, marble, hardwood, and more. All that, and all at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Talk about smart.

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Our Faux Paintwork

Incredible. Impressive. Cost-Effective.

We create exceptional aesthetics that match your vision for your space. Working closely with you, we tailor our services to meet your precise needs. Whether you want the look of polished marble or natural wood, our faux painting services are sure to deliver.

We can replicate a wide array of materials, finishes, and textures. Thanks to our years of experience, our brushwork is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Choose us to re-create the look of:

  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • European plaster
  • Hardwood
  • Metal

Faux Painting Applications by HC Fine Finishes

We utilize a range of painting techniques to simulate the look and texture of different materials. By building up layers and combining colors with glazes, we’re able to provide a unique design on every job we undertake.

Our faux painting techniques and applications include the following:

  • Color Wash: A color wash combines intricate brushwork with several layers of glazes to provide a richer, more nuanced coat of paint. It offers a unique look that’s perfect for kitchens, accent walls, and other focal points.
  • Graining: Graining uses a patterned brushstroke to give the surface a grained appearance similar to wood, stone, or metal. With graining, everything from oak to brushed steel is possible to achieve.
  • Marbleizing: Like a color wash, marbleizing combines glazing and brushstrokes to create a textured effect. But with marbleizing, the texturing mimics the look of marble, recreating that polished, natural aesthetic that’s so well-sought.
  • Rag Rolling: Rag rolling uses rolled-up rags (or a specialized roller) to create a unique yet uniform pattern. It’s best known for its distinct, mottled appearance, which can even take on the look of fabrics like silk or velvet.

Faux Finishing Services: For Floors, Walls, and More

Our faux finishes are a stellar choice for virtually any surface in your home or business. Choose us to paint your floors, your walls, your stairways—wherever you need to breathe new life into your space.

Because our faux painting services are so cost-effective, they are a great choice for large-scale renovations. Forget about spending money on natural wood or stone—our services will take you miles further. You might not be able to enjoy real polished marble throughout your house. But with our services, you will enjoy the next best thing. Take advantage.

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